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So beautiful it seems unreal!


Warm and delightfully fresh all year round.   The dry season is mid-April to September but the so-called 'wet-season' is still a time of clear, sunny skies with a few sudden, tropical showers.




Informal summer short sleeved attire - but take wollens for cold mountain region trips or late-night dance performances.


Festival marching


Some of the most delectable and exciting meals are composed of local dishes. During your stay, try at least one of these:

Rijsttafel The Bali version of this famous 21-dish 'ice-table' is a mini-banquet of subtle delicacies.
Nasi goreng Shrimps and spiced meat with fried rice.
Babi guling Roasted suckling pig, a favourite dish right across the island.
Opor ayam Pieces of chicken cooked gently in fresh coconut milk.
Sate Chunks of meat-chicken, beef, pork - on wooden skewers, often flavoured with peanut sauce.
Salads Nowhere will you taste a fresher or more delicious salad than on Bali. And each restaurant has its own special version.


Bali dishes


All visitors to Indonesia must be in possession of passports valid for at least six months with proof of onward passage, either return or through tickets. A visa is not required for tourists visiting Indonesia for a period not more than two months. Visas are required except for all nationals of Australia, Brunei, Canada, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United States of America not exceeding s stay of two months (60 days) which is not extendable.


Social Etiquette


The national language is Bahasa Indonesia. English and Dutch are widely understood - and major hotels have staff who speak other languages.


Traditional Dance


Finding your own way around is not difficult. First purchase a good map - then consider the various methods of transport available.

Taxis / Chauffeur driven cars Mostly big, comfortable limousines, some with air conditioning. They can be hired for specific journeys - also by the hour or day, usually with a minimum charge. Allow for tipping the driver.
Dokars Wonderful little horse-drawn carts that carry 3, sometimes 4 passengers. A romantic if slow way to enjoy the sights of Denpasar and other large towns. Agree a price with the driver first.
Bemos Small 6-8 seater buses which provide a frequent and inexpensive service along the main town and suburban routes - and, in may regions, between villages. If you want to board one, just face the driver and hold up your hand
Local buses These are mostly old vehicles, invariably hot and overcrowded, but they provide and efficient way of getting from town to town for a few rupiahs. And, for getting acquainted with the local population, there is no better place.


Beautiful sunset in Bali


Woodcarvings These make highly acceptable gifts, particularly the animal and bird figures which range in size form about 3 inches to 18 inches.
Bone carvings Most of the items on offer are made from cowbone and the standard of workmanship is extraordinarily high. For the best selection look on the market stalls.
Paintings No doubt where to purchase a work of real quality - Ubud.
Jewelry The range of lovely pieces in god and silver is tremendous. Rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces - your quest will be satisfied after looking around the village of Celuk.
Batik You can buy batik all over Indonesia, but basic designs vary with the region. For the best bargains check the offerings in the markets and in the little village stores.
Puppet figures Characters from wayang kulitpuppet plays, although not the easiest of items to pack, make very unique gifts to take home.


shopping area


The Indonesian unit of currency is the rupiah. Banks everywhere accept notes and traveller's cheques in major world currencies. Leading international cards are accepted by most of the major hotels, airline offices and certain stores.


Relax on the beach


You may bring in 200 cigarettes or 100 gm of tobacco. Plus up to 1 litre of liquor for personal consumption.


Rice Terraces on the hill

International certificates of valid smallpox, cholera and yellow fever vaccinations are required only from travelers coming from infected areas. It is however recommended to contact the local health authorities for further information on vaccinations before entering certain areas in Indonesia.

Gamelan Orchestra
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