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A Golden Wonderland


Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with 3 distinct seasons:

March - May Summer
June - September Rainy with plenty of sunshine
October - February Cool

The average annual temperature is 28C (83F)





All visitors entering Thailand must possess valid passports.

Temporary visitors from North American for the purpose of pleasure who are exempted from applying for entry visas, and who can stay for a maximum of 30 days in Thailand, must be of the nationality of and holding valid passports or travelling documents issued by US or Canada.


Landscape Tour


Thai cuisine is distinctive, thanks to liberal use of spicy ingredients, and combines the best of Chinese and Indian culinary traditions -- noodles, curries, sweet and sour dishes, lengthily cooked and fast-cooked ingredients, exotic spices and condiments -- while retaining its own very special character.


Thai food


It is not necessary to tip cinema ushers.   It is customary to tip porters and hotel personnel who have given good personal service.  A 10% -15% tip is appreciated in restaurants, particularly where service charge is waived.


Ancient architect


Spoken and written Thai remain largely incomprehensible to the casual visitor.  However, English is widely understood, particularly in Bangkok where it is almost the major commerical language.  English and other Europeam languages are spoken in most hotels, shops and restaurants, in major tourist destinations.


Floating Market


Public buses are plentiful and cheap, with 3.50 baht minimum and 5 baht maximum fares to most destinations within metropolitan Bangkok.

Hotel Taxis have fixed tariffs.   Tuk-Tuk or 3 wheel taxis are quite popular among the tourists for short journeys inside Bangkok.  Fares range from 30 -150 baht.  Fares must be bargained for.

River Taxis: There are many boats plying the Chao Phraya River.  Some criss-cross between landings on opposite banks while the Chao Phraya Express boats travel upstream and downstream with the metropolis.


3 wheeled TukTuk


Thai silks, cottons, nielloware, silverware, bronzeware, pottery and celadon, pewterware, precious stones and finished jewellery, and a dazzling range of folk handicrafts make memorable gifts and souvenirs; international standard readymade sports and leisurewear is inexpensive; and quality tailors and dressmakers offer reliable 24 hrs services in Bangkok and major tourism destinations.


Shopping mall


Department stores and a number of shops in Bangkok have fixed prices, but at most of the other bargaining is acceptable and expected; even some department stores will offer a discount on expensive items like jewellery and fine furniture.  No fixed rules can be given on the process, depending as it does on the bargainer's sill and the shopkeeper's mood, but the final price may be reduced as much as 30 percent to that first quoted.  An important point to keep in mind is that Thais admire good manners and a sense of humor and tend to be put off by loud voices and a loss of temper.




The Thai unit of currency is the baht which is worth a little more than 2US cents.

CAD$1.00 = 28 baht
USD$1.00 =44 baht


Traditional dance


Theravada Buddhism is the professed religion of more than 90% of all Thais, and cats strong influences on daily life.   The Thais have always subscribed to the ideal of religious freedom.  Thus sizeable minorities of Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs freely pursue their repective faiths.


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